Lash Extensions

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 Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic or mink lashes adhered one by one to your existing eyelashes. They are almost weightless, feel and look completely natural, and are available in different lengths, thickness and curls to create your desired effect. The choice of designs available ranges from Au Naturel to City Chic and ends with a voluminous Ooo La Lash look. Different lash styles can be made utilizing various lengths to reflect your personal style.

Extensions will add volume, length and curl to your existing lashes. Some individuals also use lash extensions to enhance the colour of their natural lashes. It allows you to spend less time getting ready whether you are heading to a week of business meetings or an event. Lash extensions can also help to protect your natural lashes to help them grow.


Au Natural (Classic Set, Single Lashes): $125

2 Week Fill: $50 | 3 Week Fill: $75

City Chic (Hybrid Set, Mix of Classic & Volume): $175

2 Week Fill: $80 | 3 Week Fill: $105

Ooo La Lash (Volume Set, from 3D to 7D): $225

2 Week Fill: $100 | 3 Week Fill: $130

Preparing For your Treatment

  • Please cleanse your eyes and lashes of all make up and skin care products before your treatment

  • Wear comfortable clothing and avoid caffeine to help you relax. To help with this, we ask that you turn the ringer off on your phone.

  • Remove your contact lenses.


Caring for your lashes

  • For 24 hours after your appointment avoid getting your eyes wet or taking a hot shower.

  • Use a gentle lash cleanser to clean lashes twice a day with warm water.

  • Allow your lashes to air dry and use a clean mascara wand to brush them after washing.

  • Avoid using products with alcohols, oils or glycols that can dry out the lash adhesive.

  • Lashes may prematurely shed on the side you sleep on from the rubbing action against your pillow. It is best to sleep on your back.

  • Please check with your dermal therapist before applying any lash serum to ensure it won’t shorten the life of your extensions.

  • Do not put mascara on your lashes.